The Trust Agenda: New Survey Reports That CEOs Believe Trust Is On The Rise Reply

Trust-Me-mainS+B has shared a new PwC survey, The Trust Agenda, reporting that more CEOs believe trust in their industry is on the rise than the number of CEOs who believe trust is falling.  The reasons reported are several.

  • Greater emphasis on good growth
  • Good growth has a longer term orientation
  • Good growth is sustainable
  • Good growth is socially responsible (making up, somewhat, for the lapses of the past 3 or 4 decades)

The report is worth a read and is based on a survey of more than 1300 CEOs in 68 different countries.

Avoiding PR Crises in Russia & China: 4 Triggers Your Should Know About Reply






Strategy + Business published an interesting article overnight titled 4 Crisis Triggers Multinationals Can Avoid.  With a focus on Russia and China, key points include:

  • Conflicts between global and local standards
  • Low trust levels in certain products/services
  • Corruption and regulatory uncertainty
  • Unethical business practices

The author, Meng Zhao, is an Assistant Professor in Strategy at Moscow School of Management, Skolkovo.  This one is certainly worth a read.

Best Read: Douglas Rushkoff Makes the Digital Economy Work for You (via S+B) Reply

“Rushkoff has spent his career thinking and writing about the influence of technology on how we work and live. He now believes that we are witnessing an evolution as meaningful as the transition from feudalism to the Industrial Age. Those companies that adapt, he says, will be the winners in the digital economy. Rushkoff sat down with strategy+business to discuss this transition, its historical context, and how businesses can respond.”

Read the entire interview via Douglas Rushkoff Makes the Digital Economy Work for You.