This Week in Asia: China Mounts a Canon Atop Its Great Firewall Reply

This week I share 3 items that may interest my APAC readers.

  1. China adds a new weapon to its web control arsenal.  While many links are available, this one is courtesy of Fortune.
  2. Hank Paulson’s new book, Dealing with China, is receiving favourable comments from may China watchers.  I wonder if the timing of this book makes him a possible candidate for a VP nomination or embassy nominee?  hmmm
  3. A few weeks ago We Are Social released a huge report on digital APAC and it is worth a look (especially if you are a data junkie, like me).

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This Week in Asia for March 24 Reply

This week, upon the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, I share different views I gathered in obituaries from around the world, and the evolution of my own thoughts about Singapore’s founding father.  In short, part of his brilliance and success was genuinely knowing what it took to read the context, govern in Singapore, and build the nation.

Congratulations to Shel and Neville for having delivered 800 episodes of For Immediate Release.  What an accomplishment!


This Week in Asia: China’s Corruption Crackdown Hits Western PR Agency Reply

This week I share how the MH17 tragedy in the Ukraine has impacted Singapore Airlines and MAS.  I also discuss how the arrest of Rui Chenggeng has impacted at least one western PR agency.

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This Week in Asia: Mobile News Not Involving WhatsApp or Facebook Reply

On this side of the globe, Rakuten’s purchase of Viber for $900 million is an interesting story for several reasons.  You can hear why, and how the purchase fits into broader regional trends, by listening here.

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This Week in Asia: China’s Sina Weibo Experiences a Declining User Base Reply

For Immediate Release podcast #741 is now live, and this week in Asia I share the story of Weibo’s declining user base.  But why are users starting to migrate away from this Twitter-like platform?  Is it the government crackdown on rumors, or some sort of market evolution?  Listen here and find out.

And for an investor’s perspective on the question, here is a short video from FT.

This Week in Asia: Word is That QR Codes Are Doing Well in China Reply

That’s right.  Those boxy, funny little images seem to be undergoing a bit of a revival in China according to Advertising Age.  You can listen to my update here, or check out the entire suite of For immediate Release podcasts.

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