This Week in Asia: Wal-Mart’s Donkey Meat Controversy and Crisis Triggers Every Multinational Must Know Reply

What are 4 critical crisis triggers that multinationals should know when doing business in China (and Russia)?  This week on FIR I share the story of Wal-Mart’s donkey meat scandal (China) and connect it to the latest research on crisis triggers in China and Russia.  Its a pretty good story, and as always FIR is a great show packed full of the latest information on communications, technology, and issues of the day.

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Avoiding PR Crises in Russia & China: 4 Triggers Your Should Know About Reply






Strategy + Business published an interesting article overnight titled 4 Crisis Triggers Multinationals Can Avoid.  With a focus on Russia and China, key points include:

  • Conflicts between global and local standards
  • Low trust levels in certain products/services
  • Corruption and regulatory uncertainty
  • Unethical business practices

The author, Meng Zhao, is an Assistant Professor in Strategy at Moscow School of Management, Skolkovo.  This one is certainly worth a read.