Marketers & Communicators: What Metallica Can Teach You About Coming Career Demands Reply

Step aside English as lingua franca.  Wordsmiths, time for some continuing education to learn a new skill.  Ok, maybe I am being hyperbolic…but is there any way I can say that just by sending you a photo and not causing anyone to Google the term “hyperbolic?”  That would seem so much easier.

Disruptions: Social Media Images Form a New Language Online describes such a world where we respond and communicate via images (presumably using Google Glass) and not even bothering to choose our words carefully.

This is a watershed time where we are moving away from photography as a way of recording and storing a past moment,” said Robin Kelsey, a professor of photography at Harvard, and we are “turning photography into a communication medium.

We have already seen infographics, one form of visual communication, rise in popularity due to the quick-consumption style and ease of sharing.  Perhaps photography will be next.

Either way, marketers, PR folks, and eventually everyone will need to increase their visual communication literacy if this prediction holds true.  To help you get a sense of where we are headed, look at this brilliant visualization of Metallica on stage.

Fantastic visualization illustrating coming literacy demands

Fantastic visualization illustrating coming literacy demands



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