This Week in Asia: China Mounts a Canon Atop Its Great Firewall Reply

This week I share 3 items that may interest my APAC readers.

  1. China adds a new weapon to its web control arsenal.  While many links are available, this one is courtesy of Fortune.
  2. Hank Paulson’s new book, Dealing with China, is receiving favourable comments from may China watchers.  I wonder if the timing of this book makes him a possible candidate for a VP nomination or embassy nominee?  hmmm
  3. A few weeks ago We Are Social released a huge report on digital APAC and it is worth a look (especially if you are a data junkie, like me).

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10 facts about technology use in the emerging world | Pew Research Center Reply

This item has been siting on my desktop for a couple days, but happy to finally share some of the latest Pew research insights. The Pew Research Center surveyed thousands of people across 32 emerging and developing nations about their technology use and how the rising influence of the internet affects their daily lives. But beyond the larger findings, we found some notable data points about specific countries that might have been lost in the fray.

1.  Chinese internet users love to shop. About half of online Chinese (52%) have used the internet to buy products in the past 12 months. Given the size of the online Chinese marketplace, this goes a long way in explaining the meteoric rise of commerce giants such as Alibaba and Baidu.

2.  Filipinos love social networking. Among adult internet users in the Philippines, 93% say that they use social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is the highest such percentage across the emerging and developing countries surveyed and greater than the 74% of internet users in the U.S. who use social networking sites. Roughly seven-in-ten of those Filipino social networkers use these platforms to share views about music and movies, while half talk about sports. FT_15.03.20_globalTech_socialNet

via 10 facts about technology use in the emerging world | Pew Research Center.

Last Week in Asia… Reply

Yes, I am late posting my podcast.  That said, I have found the debate around media coverage of China and the HK Protests (yes, I am aware of the geographic, historical, and political distinctions between the two) somewhat interesting.  On the one hand critics of western media coverage retreat to arguments of fact while many western media reports appear to filter their coverage through existing perceptions of China (which typically are not good).

This week I make a humble effort to wade through the communication implications of the debate and you can listen here.


This Week in Asia: China’s Corruption Crackdown Hits Western PR Agency Reply

This week I share how the MH17 tragedy in the Ukraine has impacted Singapore Airlines and MAS.  I also discuss how the arrest of Rui Chenggeng has impacted at least one western PR agency.

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The Latest Insights on China and Its Internet Reply

This week on the For Immediate Release podcast I share a new report from We Are Social examining China’s Internet statistics.  Get the latest information on Internet penetration, urban vs, rural users, mobile access and more.  To conclude, I also share some great reports on China published this week by Economist.

Have you checked out the FIR Podcast network yet?  If not, you really should.  Shel and Neville are delivering some great content by bringing together several new and well established podcasts.  Topics include PR, digital strategy, education, thought leadership, LinkedIn and more.  So head on over to FIR and see for yourself all the great content.


This Week in Asia: China’s Sina Weibo Experiences a Declining User Base Reply

For Immediate Release podcast #741 is now live, and this week in Asia I share the story of Weibo’s declining user base.  But why are users starting to migrate away from this Twitter-like platform?  Is it the government crackdown on rumors, or some sort of market evolution?  Listen here and find out.

And for an investor’s perspective on the question, here is a short video from FT.