What VW Didn’t Understand About Trust Reply

We don’t yet know what the repercussions will be for VW or how the company will manage its reputation. More damning evidence about WV could emerge, and investigators are wondering whether VW’s competitors might be hiding similar illegal practices.

So let this be a warning to other companies: being clean and green is important, but only if it’s authentic. And remember that everyone is watching you.

Source: What VW Didn’t Understand About Trust

For Immediate Release #824: Final Episode of the Hobson & Holtz Report Reply

I invite you all to listen to episode #824 of For Immediate Release.  This week our hosts ask if SEO is really dead?  And, after a decade, our distinguished co-host Neville has decided to take some time off of podcasting.  Thus, at least for the Hobson & Holtz Report, this is my final report from Asia.

This week I share why I will be keeping a close eye on ASEAN int he coming months, and also a new blog from China that is receiving a lot of kind words from other readers.  Do check out the final episode, and keep your eyes open for the new panel-based podcast that Shel Holtz will be launching.