Find the Right Expert for Any Problem Reply

Pyramid-people_400A fantastic read on a Saturday morning.  In particular, this adds a systematic method to crowdsourcing efforts and a bit of research backing.  If you are interested in networks, crowds, or open innovation, then this one is for you.

There’s a growing awareness among R&D managers that tapping the expertise of people in distant, analogous fields can yield highly novel solutions to innovation problems. But finding these experts poses a significant challenge of its own. Who and where might they be? The prospect of searching for them can seem overwhelming.

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A Strong Corporate Identity Helps Companies Perform [HBR Reblog] Reply

The question about a company’s way to create value for customers is probably one of the most fundamental elements of strategy. Which makes it all the more surprising that few organizations are able to answer it with certainty and clarity. Companies’ purpose and mission statements often don’t help, being as vague as “we want to be the company of choice for our customers” or “we are committed to delivering the highest quality and widest selection to our customers.”

We know, however, that companies with a strong identity — the kind that is backed up by the ability to deliver their promise — tend to win. In a recent survey of 720 executives, companies that were seen as having a stronger identity outperformed others by 25% (in terms of average annual TSR between 2010 and 2013).

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3 Myths About People and Change Reply

The greatest barrier to change is common sense.

I stumbled across this video on change which was pretty good.  While the context of this talk is societal change, the principles seem quite applicable to many walks of life.  So what are the 3 myths?  You can watch the full video below, but here is a teaser.

1.  Education alone will not bring about change.

2.  You need to change attitudes in order to change behavior.

3.  Watch the video…