Visualizing Data (recent presentation) Reply

Last week I was fortunate to have some real fun and share a topic that is close to my heart – using data visualizations effectively.  There is nothing new in this presentation, but was an opportunity to share my passion while presenting.  Hope you enjoy the PPT.

Last Week in Asia… Reply

Yes, I am late posting my podcast.  That said, I have found the debate around media coverage of China and the HK Protests (yes, I am aware of the geographic, historical, and political distinctions between the two) somewhat interesting.  On the one hand critics of western media coverage retreat to arguments of fact while many western media reports appear to filter their coverage through existing perceptions of China (which typically are not good).

This week I make a humble effort to wade through the communication implications of the debate and you can listen here.


This Week in Asia – Should We Ban Laptops and Mobiles in the Classroom? Reply

It’s a tough question that any educator must confront.  Years ago I decided yes, that laptops were to always be closed in my class.  But a recent article published by PBS shares Prof. Clay Shirky‘s decision to ban laptops and mobiles in his classroom.  Listen to this week’s podcast to find out why.

How to Convince Conservatives on Climate Change — Science of Us Reply

The practice of tailoring a political message to a particular group is commonplace, of course. But the climate activist community has broadly failed to understand just how differently conservatives and liberals see the world on certain issues, and, as a result, just how radically different messages targeting conservatives should look.Related StoriesHow to Win Your Next Political ArgumentAwareness Is Overrated

“Although climate scientists update, appropriately, their models after ten years of evidence, climate-science communicators haven’t,” said Dan Kahan, a professor of law and psychology at Yale who studies how people respond to information challenging their beliefs. Luckily, social and political psychologists are on the case. “I think there’s an emerging science of how we should talk about this if we’re going to be effective at getting any sort of movement,” said Robb Willer, a sociologist at Stanford.

via How to Convince Conservatives on Climate Change — Science of Us.