Spotify’s mesmerizing new map shows that music can be social again Reply

This is sort of novel. It just goes to show you the many aspects of our lives that are now captured, measured, and made observable to others.


Spotify turned on a cool new feature this morning called Serendipity, an interactive map that highlights places on the planet where two people begin a song at the same time (or within a tenth of a second of each other). The above is a GIF built on screenshots from the site, but for the full effect, turn your volume up and click through to hear snippets of the songs the world is listening to. (You can pause to finish listening to anything you like.)

The feature was built by Kyle McDonald, Spotify’s first “artist in residence.” “There are like 10, 20 thousand songs started per second, which is like 25 to 50 million being listened to at any moment,” he tells Quartz.

It is a lot of fun to play with. But it also highlights the massive, untapped potential Spotify has to exploit social connections and communities among its users. Right now, Serendipity just…

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