For Want of Water, Wealth and Happiness – Your Weekend Must Read Articles Reply

waterscarcitySome very good reads are found in this weekend’s papers.  If you have not yet had a chance to open the pages, here are three recommendations I genuinely enjoyed.

  • FT Troubled Waters.  The FT is running some insight instalments about nearing water pressures.  Where will we get enough fresh water and what are the larger consequences of changing our natural environment when people not only drink t the water, but also eat the fish and water their crops too.

    Troubled Waters discusses the Mekong River and just a few days earlier this article about A World Without Enough Water also ran.  Both are important and worth your time.

  • International NYT ran Love People, Not Pleasure.  A short but effective explanation of why happiness and unhappiness are not exactly opposite poles on the same continuum.  How, then, can we find that elusive life of happiness and not giving into our base desires?  The title, of course, points us toward an answer.
  • And four something counterintuitive to public opinion, we have Income Equality Is Not rising globally. It’s Falling.

I hope you enjoy

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