2014 Trust Barometer Results: Government Continues to Lose Trust Reply

Edelman’s 2014 message is that government continues to lose trust, but this is not all good news for business.  While business may be more trusted generally, according to Richard Edelman:

Business may interpret this as the moment to push for deregulation, as it did a decade ago. That would be a monumental error in judgment. Our research indicates a reputation hangover for business from the Great Recession of 2008. Events of the past 12 months, including a record fine of $13 billion for J.P. Morgan on the sale of troubled mortgage securities, the largest ever bankruptcy in Latin America with the failure of Eike Batista’s EBX deep-water oil drilling firm and food scandals involving antibiotics in the poultry in China, have renewed concerns about business’ ability to self-regulate.

And the conclusion?  Richard continues to say that there is public demand for regulation of business.

The most recent For Immediate Release podcast #739 also discusses the report and you can hear perspectives from Shel and Neville early in the show.

Interesting information and food for thought.  Over the next day or so I will be checking out the entire report for insights from Asia.

Gap in trust between business and government

Gap in trust between business and government

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