This Week In Asia: Corporate Responsibility Reporting Increases Measurably in APAC Reply

This week in Asia, KPMG releases new data indicating a measurable rise in corporate responsibility reporting across Asia Pacific.  You can hear about the findings and future opportunities for improvement just by clicking the “play” button above.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!


Two Thought Provoking Campaigns About Language and Stereotypes Reply

This Week in Asia I share two interesting campaigns.  The first is produced by Edelman and looks at language in different Asian countries (called Words of a Generation).  The second was created in Philippines for Pantene and is a powerful comparison of workplace stereotypes differing between men and women.  Do take a listen and as always subscribe to For Immediate Release if you enjoy the content.

Navigating the Digital Age: On the Red Dot, Channel News Asia Reply

I was fortunate to share a few thoughts about multitasking and surviving in the digital age.  The program begins by looking at the recent hacking episodes here in SG, and then moves on to the digital age discussion (around 11:45).  My apologies for not being able to embed the XIN video, so please follow the link below.

Check out this great MSN video – Episode 57.

On the Red Dot