This Week in Asia: The Rise of Russia’s Online Propaganda Army Reply

This week in Asia I pick up a story from The Atlantic discussing the work of propaganda armies in Russia.  I also share findings from a Microsoft study examining enterprise collaborative software and what Asian employees want.

Though not in my Asia report, it looks like Shel and Neville have found an interesting news item on how companies are beginning to perceive risk to their corporate reputation.  Do check out the entire episode of For Immediate Release.


3 Great Reports to Spice Up Your Thursday Reply

I found some very interesting reads in today’s newsfeed and thought those who read this blog might also enjoy.  Here is more about persuasion, Facebook, and emerging markets.

  1. Bob Pickard found this nice bit on persuasion and eye contact.  The findings seem to run counter to years of research positively linking eye contact and persuasion.
  2. Perhaps you are interested in a fresh look at Facebook updates?  Take a closer look to see what this study says about Facebook language and personality.
  3. If you have access to the FT, this is an interesting read about how multinationals are being hit by emerging market weakness.

Wishing you all a great Thursday!

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Can Chinese Firms Build Global Brands? Reply

This week on the For Immediate Release podcast I share an article from Strategy + Business discussing why Chinese firms will build global brands.  An interesting counterpoint to David Brooks’ Romantic Advantage article earlier this summer.

I also mention a recent Baker McKenzie report about social media in SE Asia.

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