How Awkward is Mercedes’ Corporate Rockstar Campaign? Reply

Sometimes the branding campaigns in Singapore seem to border on the ridiculous.

Do you recall the Visa payWave campaign?  It presented a lockstep world where everyone walked, ate, and lived life in perfect

Visa payWave Commercial

Visa payWave Commercial

unison.  The instant someone did something different (i.e., did not pay with Visa) the world recoiled in horror and happiness could only be restored by returning to a lockstep world.

The idea that we would find such uniformity inviting is disturbing. I find this almost as disturbing as Coke’s desire to “teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.”

Now Mercedes Singapore has launched a corporate rockstar campaign.  “Ignore the ordinary and live life on your own terms.”  Seriously?  Mercedes seems to flip between being the #1 or #2 automotive brand in SG measured by sales.  Old and young alike drive Mercedes.  The brand is everywhere from HDB complexes to country clubs.  From one perspective, we could argue that these cars are the Adidas, Chivas, or Manchester United of their price range–they are everywhere.

Setting aside the oxymoron of “corporate rockstar,” I personally struggle with how it could be even remotely attractive to “Ignore the ordinary and live life on your own terms” by embracing the Mercedes brand.  Buying Mercedes would seem to be a step directly into the mainstream.  Given the national context into which this campaign was placed, such corporate speak simply comes across as silly and disconnected.  This is unfortunate because Mercedes does represent some damn fine engineering.

Mercedes Wants to be a Little Edgy

Mercedes Wants to be a Little Edgy

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