Unleashing the Latent Leadership Potential in Firms: Short Interview with Gary Hamel Reply

How can firms become more competitive by evolving out of classic hierarchial structures?  This short but interesting McKinsey interview with Gary Hamel begins to describe at least one answer to the question.

  • Senior leaders accelerating the shift to smaller units and creating more opportunity for people to be leaders.
  • 360 degree pay policies with transparency.
  • Stronger links to the P&L so employees can see their role.

More about Gary’s work can be found at MIX.

How Big are They? Tech in Asia Compares e-Commerce in USA & China Reply

Tech in Asia e-Commerce Infographic

Tech in Asia (via Forrester Research) Infographic comparing the size of e-Commerce in China and USA

The article, titled This is the Year That China Becomes the World’s Top e-Commerce Market, has some interesting data and is worth taking a closer look.  Do check out the original and thanks to the folks over at Tech in Asia for sharing.  I am thinking I have more than a few clients who will be interested in this.

Singapore’s Restrained Public Communication from Under a Blanket of Haze Reply

[audio https://communicateasia.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/asia-report-june-24.mp3]

For Immediate Release #709 is now live.  My Asia report discusses public communication surrounding the haze that has been blanketing Singapore and Malaysia for the last week.  Some might ask if Singapore’s public officials have been restrained in their comments.  I take a closer look and share my thoughts, so do tune in to this week’s podcast.