Three Points About Asia’s War for Talent in Digital Marketing Reply


Econsultancy has released a report titled Digital Marketing in Asia: Training, Skills and Knowledge which reports that more than half of the world's Internet users will be located in Asia by 2015.  So do we have the talent to support corporate digital initiatives in this growing region?

According to Econsultancy, the answer is no.  Here is why.
  1. Many companies remain skeptical of digital and under-invest in training and capabilities.
  2. On the supply side, there is a talent time-bomb in APAC.
  3. Accumulating knowledge about digital in APAC is difficult, and there is a lack of local knowledge available.
If you are an employee, this adds up to incentive for furthering your knowledge and skills regarding digital.  For employers, you should be thinking a lot more carefully about your talent pipeline and employee retention.  This does not easily reduce down to more money, though market condition are likely to drive up salaries.  It means thinking more fully about the real reasons why employees stay or leave.  Rarely does money alone retain an employee or keep someone happy.

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