Singapore Continues to Decline in the Rankings as an ICT Society Reply


I was surprised to see that the International Telecommunications Union released new rankings of how nations rank as information societies.  I was under the impression these reports came out only once every five years, and I was surprised one was released at the end of 2011 and I missed it.

For Singapore the news is not entirely good.

As the image above reports, SG dropped to #19 in the rankings of information societies.  In short, the access is excellent, use of the infrastructure we have declined–comparatively speaking (key point!)–and our ranking in skills dropped even more.  In terms of literacy, the report ranks Singapore #73 (in 2007 it was #66, and in 2002 it was #56).

The key message seems to be that, relative to other information societies, Singapore is not progressing as quickly as the competition.  For a small nation with a limited talent pool and no natural resources to speak of, this is perhaps a trend that deserves a bit more public attention.

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