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The Impact of Citizen Journalism Among You(th)

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This research study: The Impact of Citizen Journalism Among You(th), was conducted to find out the possible attitudes and behavioural patterns of Singapore youth with regard to Citizen Journalism. 100 year 2 students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Media & Communication conducted face-to-face surveys from 9th -24th June 2011. A total of 801 Singapore youth between the ages of 15 – 35 were interviewed in high-traffic areas such as HDB town centres, MRT stations and shopping malls. The results are categorised into five main sections: general use, purchasing influence, politics (in relation to the 2011 General Election), credibility and selective exposure. Some of the interesting findings include the increase in youth’s interests towards politics and youth being at risk of having a myopic worldview.

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Click Here To Download Impact Of Citizen Journalism On You(th)

This morning I am very honored to speak on 938 LIVE being broadcast from Singapore Poly. Perhaps you did not know, but I began my communication career in radion back in Dayton Ohio. 1986 if I remember correctly. Well today I return to the airwaves to discuss the Singapore Poly report on social media and youth.

Do read this report. The students have done a fantastic job. I would hire them in a heartbeat.

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