What’s the Best Time-Saving Decision I Have Made in 2012? (Hint: Involves Facebook) Reply


I eliminated Facebook from my mobile device!

While I love the visual display of the new timeline, frankly I think it is brilliant, my user experience has been that Facebook is now the biggest waste of time in my online life. Since converting to timeline I now receive every pointless (yet humorous) photo that someone uploads, updates on the lunch menu, and pretty much every other type of (for me) distracting For someone who wants value out of his data stream, not entertainment, the shift has been quite frustrating.

So now I no longer have a Facebook app on my mobile devices.  Instead, I spent a few minutes to manage my "close friend" list on Facebook, and their updates appear in my Tweetdeck Android.  I do not have a Facebook stream specifically in Tweetdeck (again, to avoid all the distractions).  All the other crap is now filtered out of my day-to-day data consumption.

Best darned move I have made all year.

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