Corporate Communication Series on Storify: Curated Links as My Course Handouts Reply

Channel and format diversity have made the traditional paper-based handout somewhat obsolete.  Of course I can add a hyperlink and send the handout as a soft copy email attachment, but that still is not the simplest way to deliver useful content to students who are–by my own admission–very heavily worked within the SMU system.  So this week I have started shifting all my handouts over to Storify.

The Corporate Communication Series as I am calling it has only a four complete handouts at the moment but I am trying to add one per day.  By New Year this should be a pretty useful channel.

I like mixing news articles, white papers, video, and more into a single channel.  The risk is that I could easily add too much, thereby making the student load seem even more daunting.  SO my hope is to generally keep these very short and containing only the best resources.  I will add and remove content as new links come to mind.  You see what I am creating by following these links.

While I cannot say exactly what order I will build these in, serendipity will play some small part, I am planning to add topics such as Neuroscience & Internet, Digital Skills, Communication Strategy, Investor Relations, Media Relations, Crisis Communication, and more.  Along the way I will also eventually add an essential academic article or two so that each "handout" contains a range of different sources.

If you have any feedback, requests or suggestions, I would really love to hear them.  These are all open to the public so feel free to use and share as you see fit. If you find Blackboard to be as cumbersome as I do, then hopefully the social media format of these handouts will be useful.

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