Rising Asia or Resurgent West? Two Leading Views on Global Shifts in Economic and Soft Power Reply

What do you get when two leading minds share their views about Asia's rise and shifts in global power?  Answer = two great reads you will not want to miss.

The first is a review in IHT of Prof. Niall Ferguson's latest book Civilization: The West and the Rest.  While Prof. Ferguson seems to lament the West's decline, I read his views as essentially optimistic.  He sees the strengths that many of these markets possess and their being replaced by Asia powers (read China) is not a given (though clearly there are some important improvements to be made in the west….especially in education).

Meanwhile, back in Singapore, Prof. Kishore Mahbubani appears in newspaper interviews and reviews of his latest book The New Asian Hemisphere.  Prof. Mahbubani goes so far as to call the last 200 years of European success an "aberration" and sees Asia's rise as inevitable.  Provocative, but fascinating ideas.

What I see are two somewhat different views of Asia's increased importance on the global stage.  While the links I share are news articles, discussing the books, the different perspectives are full of ideas you will not weant to miss.     

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