Please Recognize #COMM215 Students for Earning an Innovative Course Design & Execution Award 1


Today I very proud and humbled to share that my course Digital Media Across Asia–and more importantly all the amazing work SMU students have done since 2007–has been recognized by the Central and Eastern European Management Association (CEEMAN) for Innovative Course Design and Execution.  This year we were named a recipient of a Champions Award by this international accreditation body.

Foremost, the recognition must go to the students.  I push hard to encourage a highly decentralized learning experience, which means so many of the course developments have originated from the students, their work on the Digital Media across Asia wiki, and the responses I needed to craft to enhance their learning experience.  The students have been in the driver's seat much of the time, and this award is a testament to their great work these five years.

Personally, I would add this award means a lot to me because I know many of the people from CEEMAN, they are extremely forward looking and progressive, and so many of the programs they offer are first rate.  To be selected by such a group is indeed an honor. 

So thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped shape this experience. I can say with complete certainty, this never would have happened without your great leadership and contributions. 

One comment

  1. Hi Professor,The wiki looks fantastic. Makes me proud to have once been part of it and I really enjoyed decentralized course learning during my time in class. Hope you get selected Prof!jasonscliew

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