Interesting Yahoo Research: Are We Really Separated by Six Degrees? Find Out… Reply


My friend Mitch Joel shared an interesting link via Facebook and I found it to be a great example of how we can use research to trigger online sharing and investigation.  In the wake of my latest case study, Twittamentary (coming soon from ECCH), I am on the lookout for examples illustrating how we actually trigger the online contagion.  Look at What Yahoo has done with its Small World experiment.

  • Great question to capture our attention
  • Simple registration and sign-up
  • Drawing upon peer-to-peer requests (which may be more influential)

One of the lessons I learned from Siok was to ask a very simple question that people can immediately act on.  This example illustrates the principle well.

Certainly this ads up to some great PR for Yahoo and I am excited to see the results.

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