Is it Easier to complain About Bias than to Embrace an Opportunity? Asia Report to For Immediate Release Podcast Reply

Asia Report July 4.mp3

This week on For Immediate Release I pick up on the question of Western-centrism, which I have recently written about in a book, and the question of whether or not it is easier to complain about bias than to embrace a growing opportunity.  Though I have recently written about ethnocentrism in the global social media discussion, I must give full credit (and a huge thank you) to Burson-Marsteller’s Bob Pickard.  In his Holmes Report article The Shift of PR wealth to Asia, Bob discusses trends which should lead to more global PR campaigns being designed and delivered from Asian HQs.  But for me, the real value comes at the article’s end when he talks about the long tradition of complaining about western biases, expat bosses, and such.

There is a long tradition of complaining about Western-centrism in Asia, with many derisive of those with ‘global’ titles who are thought to lack understanding of the Asian context. Sometimes these complaints seem valid but what we’re going to find now with this shift of global PR power is that it’s easy to criticise but a lot harder to paint on the bigger global communications canvases were seeing on our side of the Pacific for the first time.

Are PR folks in Asia ready embrace the opportunity?  I could not agree more with the challenge presented here. I too have discussed centrism from a critical point of view, and only as of late have I had that uncomfortable feeling that something is no longer quite right about this point of view.  I simply was not articulate enough to express my discomfort in words. 

I would love to hear your take on the issue after you have had the opportunity to read Bob’s article.

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