Three Links from the Saturday Morning Press That You Don’t Want to Miss Reply


Few things make my Saturday morning more enjoyable than some great reading and a smooth Italian coffee.  While I cannot share my coffee over the Internet, I hope the following links make your weekend reading as enjoyable as mine was.

The duality of world-beating and world-trailing Americans undergoes analysis from my favorite columnist Anand Giridharadas. In the wake of American success in Pakistan, Anand asks whether or not America still has room for the ordinary.  I love this guy's writing found in today's International Herald Tribune. 

Growing pains as the Arab Spring turns to summer.  Four months after the revolution Tunisians live with the consequences of bringing about democratic change.  Today's feature article in the FT Weekend takes us back to where the upheavals began. 

Want to look at smart phones in an entirely new way?  Robert Fabricant discusses mobile phone use in emerging markets like Africa and leads me rethink my dominant paradigm of "one person, one phone."  If you are interested in mobile, then you don't want to miss this short article found in the May/June issue of Technology Review

And in about nine hours we will know if Singapore citizens vote PAP or perhaps have a bold change in their DNA.  Stay tuned….

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