Corporate Sponsored Journalism: A Second Perspective as a Follow-up to Yesterday’s Post 2

If you enjoyed yesterday's link to Bob Pickard's guest post on The Rise of Digital Storytelling, then here is an additional perspective.  The Text 100 blog discusses The Brave New World of Corporate-Sponsored Journalism.  While this blog post focuses more on the sponsorship concerns, Bob's post takes it a step further and looks at how corporations could eliminate the middle man and take their story directly to stakeholders.  Together, they make a fine reading set.

Here is an excerpt.

"As a former newspaper and trade journalist, I’ll admit that this new direction has made me a bit uneasy. The purist in me says that no self-respecting journalist should take anything from the companies or people they cover (I once got into a 20-minute debate with a state senatorial candidate because I refused to let him buy me a Big Mac for lunch at the drive-through while I was following him for a day on the campaign trail).

But then I think about today’s readers – those who are so much more informed and sophisticated than ever before. In general – and this is a vast generalization, no doubt – people who are serious about consuming news are more savvy about where they get their information. They consume news from more sources, share it more frequently and even participate in its creation.

I believe they are savvy enough to understand when sponsored content loses its objectivity. And they are certainly vocal enough to call out those who cross the line. The self-policing nature of the Internet, I believe, will ensure that this happens."


  1. Thank you for referencing my post along with Pickard’s. Our posts certainly provide two views into the same revolution. I chose to focus on sponsorship because as a former reporter I am fascinated by the issues created when working journalists accept payments from corporations. From my perspective, corporations can engage in digital storytelling – and by extension, brand storytelling or brand journalism – without sponsoring journalists. The question is, how many companies have the capabilities, experience and resources required to do it well?

  2. Hi Scott,Your thoughts on corporate journalism, along with Bob’s, really have me thinking about this challenge. I owe you both for planting the seed. If I find time today, I think I should follow-up with a blog post. I very much share your question of whether or not corporations are equipped for this form of outreach.Keep up the great work and thanks for swinging by the blog!

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