Preliminary Discussion Of 3 Year Survey of Singapore’s Internet Users: Are We Really World Class Social Media Users? 3

Asia Report Feb 13 (2).mp3

If you want to see the future of social media around the region, then you should look at Singapore,” Nichola Rastrick, Managing Director of Firefly Millward Brown Singapore said.

This quote comes the press release of the recent FMB study titled The Language of Love in Social Media.  I found the assertion interesting because, literally, we had only a couple days earlier started crunching the data from my three year, longitudinal survey study of Singaporeans' online behaviors. 

Frankly, my data paints a very different portrait.   

So to share a few findings and give you a taste of the survey results, you can listen to this week's correspondent's report to For Immediate Release, episode #586.  In this episode I describe a few differences and speculate as to why my three years study leads to a very different conclusion.  And as always, do subscribe to FIR over at iTunes.

The white paper will be available for free in a few weeks (sorry folks, teaching and students always come first).

Care to share your thoughts?  Just how do you see Singapore's social media scene?


  1. Hey Michael, I really enjoyed your piece in Marketing magazine about the Firefly survey and applaud your own approach. I think this is a space that badly needs that longue duree…. somehow, people think that data more than six minutes old is somehow not representative nor instructive and a trend is born every second. It’s one of the reasons I’m going back to school to pursue and teach my first love, History.All the best!

  2. Hi Raoul,It has been far too long. I am glad to hear your are headed back to grad school. I think ti was Thucydides who said history is really just philosophy teaching by example. I loved studying the classics and hope you enjoy your new journey as well.Michael

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