Three Great Reads to Enrich Your Sunday: From Eloquence, to Intellect, and then Theory in Digital Citizenry Reply


Having the unfortunate luxury of being in Singapore this weekend rather than at Nic and Hillary’s wedding (Congrats!), I did manage to stumble acrossa a few readings which were quite good.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Who is Bearing Witness to the Revolution?  While Malcom Gladwell may get much of the undeserved attention for his one-sided comments regarding social media and social change, Elie Wiesel displays pure eloquence through his observations about media, speed, memory and the importance of how we bear witness.  Anand Giridharadas is also one of my favorite columnists.  This one is not to be missed.

How Literate are We in the Online World? While Elie Wiesel asks what happens to memory in the Twitter world, this observation also invites questions about what does it mean to be a literate citizen in the digital age?  Researchers at USC’s Annenberg School have started to look at this question.  Henry Jenkins’ blog posts a wonderful article by graduate student Ioana Literat presenting a test of Jenkins’ 12 new media literacies.  Read part 1 and part 2 for the full scoop.

Psychcology of Digital Activism.  Considering all the silliness coming from Gladwell, the flock of geese (myself included) honking back, and Elie Wiesel’s eloquence, here is perhaps a more reasoned look at the question of digital activism and its psychology.  What implicatiosn might this perspective hold for marketing and PR as we try and move our stakeholders?

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.


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