Four Factors Shaping the Future of Engagement–Ogilvy’s Luca Penati Speaks at SMU 1


Have you ever thought about how far we have come in the last 10-15 years?  In the 1990s we were simply trying to harness the Internet while the new millennium has brought social technologies.  So what will the future hold?

On Tuesday, November 9 were pleased to welcome Luca Penati, Managing Director of Ogilvy’s Global Technology Practice, to Singapore Management University.  With about 45 in attendance, Luca told us that the future is “impossible to predict” but that four factors will be critical to shaping that future.

  1. Enterprise 2.0: To be competitive, “companies need to lose control and create an ecosystem around them
  2. Mobile:Imagine the impact of giving a mobile device to a child in an emerging market?”  Great rhetorical question as we were reminded that mobile is, in emerging markets, now becoming the first means by which people adopt the Internet.
  3. Content & Communities.  Every company is now becoming a media company, stories (especially video storytelling) is essential to that media output, and these stories need to make a strong emotional connection between the company and stakeholders.
  4. Crowdsourcing.  And speaking of letting go of control, Luca ended with examples of how crowds are solving problems faster, better, and cheaper than traditional centralized methods.

These were some great ideas, and wonderful sharing, for a Tuesday afternoon.  Many thanks to Luca and the entire team at Ogilvy!

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