50 Cent Beer–Who Would Have Ever Imagined Such a Thing? Reply


By all accounts I should not even be aware of such an important discovery as 50 cent beer in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  I should be in San Francisco presenting my research.  But changes to the surgery schedule and other factors all reached a perfect storm of sorts and that canceled my trip and left we with an open weekend on Hari Raya holiday.  No America this weekend, for me.  Seeing how I feel about the Know Nothing Party….strike that, the Tea Party…maybe this is not such a bad thing.

Cambodia has been amazing for only the few hours I have enjoyed it.  Here are a few first impressions, for any family members who might be reading this.

  • The air is so much cooler than Singapore.  This is literally the perfect temperature!
  • The entire town of Siem Reap smells of food at night.  Everywhere you go delicious smells.
  • Cambodian's might possibly be the nicest people in the world!  And with such a friendly disposition, the service is simply outstanding.
  • Exchange rate differences mean your dollar goes a long, long way.  My feast tonight was $10.  I feel a bit guilty, to be honest.
  • My first sight of Angkor Wat was quite an impression.  Such a stunning site!

There are just a few ideas to get you started.

Dinner was fresh spring rolls, beef BBQ with this sweet chili dip which was not spicy, and chicken amok. You can catch a glimpse of what I thought was a fabulous meal, a place called Traditional Khmer in an alley parallel to Pub Street, here. Tomorrow is culinary school ($25, again making me feel guilty) where I learn to cook these yummy things.  Before that I visit Ta Prohm of Laura Croft movie fame.

I am staying at Tara Angkor and you can see a few views here.

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