The Chinese Professor Makes Air Asia Look Like Pretty Tame Stuff 2

Got your undies in a bunch over the Air Asia ads?  Here is an ad from Citizens Against Government Waste which strikes me as far more provocative and worth a little reflection.  While honestly we must keep in mind that this ad appears during US mid-term elections, the point at which emotional appeals are used to compel action, we must also think about honesty in advertising.  Here is a nice analysis from China Geeks which I recommend. 

A big hat tip to Imagethief for sharing this story and link.


  1. It shows how strong the level of outsider mistrust is on each side of the cultural divide, and how exploiting it can still be used as an effective marketing strategy. A bit sad really.

  2. Hi Jon. I must agree it is kind of sad. One is tempted to dismiss this as election tactics, but fear appeals work for a reason. People must be fearful of something in order for the ad to resonate. Glad I am removed from the US election hot air.

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