Three Essential Weekend Reads: Reply

Combing through my various news papers and blog posts, a few items stood out as being very much worth the time of my small but dedicated network.  So if you like some of the content coming through this blog, take a few minutes and check out these feeds.

1. Digital Marketing Not Up to Speed in Asia.  I would generally have to agree with this assertion, and as you dig into the details our friend Thomas Crampton in HK elaborates on some key points.  Those who know Asia well won't find much that is new, but if you are learning then this is a great read.

2.  Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age.  Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, who holds a PhD in theories of knowledge shares his thoughts about the abundance of information, power of crowds, and information resources.  In educational terms, will these changes lead to a society of drones?  Check out Larry's thoughts and decide for yourself.

3.  Meet Rico, Air New Zealand's (charmingly perverted) Furry Little Ambassador.  This post is only for those with a sense of humor….so meet Rico.  His descriptions of New Zealand are all based on double entendre.  If your undies are not in a bunch, then these videos make for a humorous way to wrap up your reading this weekend.

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