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Singapore GP excites F1 fans but not internet searches

September 24, 2010

This Sunday’s Grand Prix in Singapore could be a decisive race to separate the top five drivers all in contention for the F1 Championship title. As it stands, Australian Mark Webber leads the pack with 187 points, but Lewis Hamilton is breathing down Webber’s neck with 182 points and Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel are all not far off the pace.

F1 flying car.png

With such an important race coming up, it’s surprising that online behaviour in the days leading up to the race has not reflected the anticipation of a hotly contested showdown in Singapore. Sunday’s top search terms to the Motorsport category show that UK Internet users are more interested in MotoGP than Formula 1, and that the top destinations are Silverstone and Donington Park. Singapore doesn’t feature in the search term analysis at all until the 155th most popular search term.

Motorsport Search Terms 190910.png

Meanwhile search term variations around ‘singapore’ show that ‘singapore grand prix’ was the eighth most popular search term, and ‘singapore grand prix 2010’ was the ninth most popular search term, but both variations are attracting 30 times less traffic than ‘singapore airlines’.

This reason for this lack of apparent interest online could just be that F1 fans know where to get their information from and don’t need to search online for variations of the Singapore Grand Prix online. The chart below shows consistent spikes in traffic to www.formula1.com around race weekends, with visitors regularly checking in to find the information they need on race day.

F1 visits Sept 2010.png

Interestingly, the largest spike of the season came on 27 June on the weekend of the Telefonica Grand Prix in Valencia, not the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, as might reasonably be expected. Our data from Singapore shows that interest in F1 is proportionally much higher than in the UK, with 33% of all visits in the Motorsport category going to the www.formula1.com.

Although the Singapore GP hasn’t happened yet, the chart below indicates that spikes in traffic are slowly diminishing as the race season goes on. The highest spike in traffic for Singapore Internet users was on 16 May, the weekend of the Monaco GP in Monte Carlo. By the time of the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on 12 September, visits to the website had fallen by 18%

F1 visits Singapore Sept 2010.png

One of the top beneficiaries to receive a boost in traffic from the motorsport category is YouTube. With more video content and race highlights being posted online, users are going to YouTube to catch up on the best bits of F1. Year-on-year traffic from the Motorsport category to YouTube has increased by 19% as more people search online for F1 video content.

F1 downstream to YouTube Sept 2010.png

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