When Narcissism Becomes Pathological: Awesome Read in FT Weekend Reply


Perhaps my favorite read, so far, in the Saturday-Sunday papers has come from the FT Weekend (no surprise, right?).  Journalist Adrian Tempany explores NDP–Narcissistic Personality Disorder–for which there is no cure.  Narcissism is more like a fever than an outright illness.  Everyone has it, and only when it reaches a certain (arbitrary?) degree do we say it is a problem.  However, this condition of NDP is relatively new and not yet fully understood.

You can read the article here.

Most interesting is the revelation that some recruiting firms specifically target narcissists because they do so well in certain professionals.  The finance sector, for example, is filled with professionally successful narcissists if this report is to be believed.

Considering the finger point and claims of narcissism aimed at some social media types, I should think readers of this blog will also enjoy the read.

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