Chronicle of Higher Ed Reports from SMU: Should SG Students Feel Reluctant to Edit a Peer’s Work? Reply


Yesterday was a fine day spent discussing Web 2.0 with Timothy from Channel News Asia and then College 2.0 with Jeff Young from the Chronicle of Higher Education.  I wanted to share Jeff's most recent blog post examining student perspectives on collaborative technology–the wiki, in this case–and publicly engaging in learning, online collaboration, and editing or otherwise changing the work of your peers.  Our panel discussed whether some disciplines are more suitable for public conversation and learning while others deserve more privacy, and also we discussed the need for a safe space to learn.  Many good ideas.

For me, the big question was how can I best manage the traditional portion of my course design and delivery while creating space for technology-enhanced learning.  Learning online can be a lot of work, and I think I have some things to learn in this department.

Do check out Jeff's blog as he continues to report from Singapore for a couple more days.  Hopefully the video from yesterday's panel discussion will be available soon.

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