What is the Face of College 2.0 in Asia? Excellent Chronicle of Higher Ed Blog Asks the Question Reply

Jeff Young, a senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education, has landed in Asia after launching a new blog named College 2.0.  In Jeff's own words, "The College 2.0 column tells the stories of professors, students, and administrators working to reimagine college teaching, research, and management, through technology. The goal is to show what works, but also to identify the pitfalls of the latest experiments and highlight the big questions they raise about higher education."

Jeff has now brought his column to Asia and will be visiting Singapore, China, South Korea and India to see how colleges and learning are being reimagined in Asia.  We will discuss this topic today, Wednesday September 1, at Singapore Management University's School of Economics.  The panel discussion, which will be videotaped, begins at 4:30 in classroom 4-2.  If you wish to attend and participate, please contact me directly.

I encourage you to follow Jeff's blog and let's see what he learns as he makes his journey across Asia.  This promises to be an interesting discussion.

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