Google’s Waver on Net Neutrality, Talent Management at Boeing, & Journalism Education 2.0: Six Great Reads from This Morning’s RSS Feeds Reply

One nice things about getting up early is that I have quiet time to enjoy my (old school) newspaper and some great RSS feeds.  Once the little monsters are up and moving, that becomes much more difficult.  So in the spirit of sharing, here are six really nice reads I came across this morning.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

  1. Good Will Shunting: Google’s Distressing Turn on Net Neutrality.  Dave Weinberger at Harvard has a nice post sharing his disappointment with Google’s attempts to redefine Net Neutrality in a way that, perhaps, favors some of their recent business initiatives.  We don’t know exactly why Google would make such a evil move after all the China grandstanding, but for additional thoughts you might also read this article from All Things Digital.

  2. Microblogs are Crucial in ChinaChina Media Project Fellow Hu Yong has a great post on the evolving role and importance of microblogs in China.

  3. Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner Retools Talent Management.  Now this was a very interesting post discussing how the incredibly complex supply chain supporting the production of the 787 has reshaped talent management, expertise, and knowledge sharing at the airline manufacturer. 

  4. Journalism education 2.0: Training in the Age of Radical Change.  Mediashift discusses what is essential for leading journalism education by summarizing thoughts from the World Journalism Education Congress.

  5. Understanding and Etiquette of Non-Muslims During Ramadan.  Good advice that should be of value of this American boy from Midwest farm country.

  6. Tips for Creative Success from Pixar.  This post extends far beyond mere creativity and shares great advice for working collaboratively–and successfully–in both the modern age and creative industries.  I think many of the ideas here could be carried over to business settings.

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