Join us in KL for Social Media Club and the Asian Bloggers Conference 1


After four days with a terrible throat infection, I am happy to report I am on the mend and heading to KL for the upcoming Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference.  I will speak about galvanizing communities online and some general observations from my research, conversations with trusted colleagues, and more than a few case studies.  If you would like to know what are three steps you can take to increase the likelihood of getting your communities galvanized online….then you will certainly want to join us for the conference.

The keynote address will come from Dr. Mahathir (someone I have always wanted to meet), and the presenters include Rob Angeles from Social Media Philippines, Niki Cheong (a gifted presenter), Tony Fernandes of Air Asia, Ahirudin Bin Attan aka Rocky Bru, and numerous others. 

Tuesday night before the conference the Social Media Club of KL will be hosting me for dinner at DOME which is located at Lot 10.  I must admit my admiration for Social Media Club KL.  Unlike Singapore, SMCKL has been very active online and off, and pull together a string of nice events.  I first noticed Malaysia's passion for online activity last year when I was fortunate to spend two days with KPerak in Ipoh, and also speaking at the PR Consultant's event last fall.  In total, I see healthy community that I look forward to spending time with. 

And even if you cannot join us, do follow SMCKL on Twitter.

I hope to see you in KL! 

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