Crowdsourcing a Documentary: What Does YouTube’s New Project Have to do with Asia? Reply

Siok Part 2

After returning home to Singapore, I was pleased to see all the attention YouTube and Kevin Macdonald are receiving for crowdsourcing a documentary called Life in a Day.  This ambitious project attempts to "document a single day on earth" and invites everyone to submit their materials on July 24.  The project is being sponsored by LG, and certainly has some heavyweight names to capture people's attention.  In my RSS feeds, numerous blogs (here, NYT here, RWW here, ATD here, and Digital Buzz here) are discussing the project.

I could not help but think about Twittamentary, the crowdsourced documentary asking how the microblog has impacted people's lives, as I read about Life in a Day.  I thought this might be a good opportunity to re-share my For Immediate Release podcast interview with filmmaker Tan Siok Siok describing the project (recorded in August 2009).  

The YouTube project is quite ambitious and I look forward to seeing what emerges.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy revisiting Twittamentary and Siok's 2009 ground-breaking efforts at crowdsourcing a documentary.

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