From Around the Net: 5 Stories I Cannot Squeeze into This week’s Podcast Report Reply

As I prepare for this week’s report to the For Immediate Release podcast, there are so many important stories I simply cannot cover them all.  Here are 5 important stories which merit equal coverage…if only there were enough time in each day/podcast.

1. China’s Claim to National Internet Sovereignty.  I was taken aback by the Open Net Initiative report from Alex Fayette asserting that China is the first country to claim national internet sovereignty.  In a white paper issued recently, China discusses its views on the use, administration, freedom and security of the Internet.  According to the ONI post:

"National sovereignty is an easy thing to imagine when it comes to a nation’s claim on land for instance. If one nation has sovereign control over a swath of land, they have total control. No other nation can infringe upon that land, or regulate it. But unlike physical land, it’s hard to imagine cyberspace being carved up into lots of little jurisdictions. Indeed, many Internet related laws impose restrictions on those using the Internet from within their physical borders, yet many of these laws still hold the concept of a global, more open Internet in mind. This white paper simply brings to a head the fact that China feels, as a Sovereign nation, that it should experience its “own Internet” rather than “The Internet”.

2. Edelman’s Third Way with Media.  Organizations must evolve past earned and paid media to include owned media.  Presentation delivered at the fourth New Media Academic Summit.  

<div style="width:425px" id="__ss_4576546"><strong style="display:block;margin:12px 0 4px">Richard Edelman — New Media Academic Summit 2010</strong>

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