2010 SG Survey of Internet Behaviors: Major Concerns While Online (Part 3) Reply


The final question in this year’s survey asked respondents what concerns them while online?  The first question asked about online behavioral preferences (reported here) and the second asked why we go online (reported here)

Respondents indicate that the top three concerns while online are protecting against virus/spyware, security of online translactions, and loss of personal privacy.  By comparison, offensive materials and getting flamed appear to be relatively smaller concerns for Singapore’s Internet users.

I also view this question as adding a small yet useful layer of data further supporting my claim that maintainign personal privacy–or what I have called standing in the shadows–is generally very important to Singapore’s Internet users. 

I find it interesting that security of online transactions emerges as the #2 concern when making online purchases or completing financial transactions online scored (in part 2) as less-important motives for going online.  While this survey cannot answer the question, perhaps there is an inverse relationship between motive and concern.  Are netizens become less likely to go online for purchases or financial transactions as concern rises about security?  Further study is needed to answer this question.

Currently, I plan to replicate this study one more time in early 2011.



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