2010 SG Survey of Internet Behaviors: Twitter Grows…Just As Expected (Part 1) Reply

The long-overdue summary of my 2010 Survey of Online Behaviors is now available, and I am pleased to share two key findings specific to the Singapore market.

  1. The results from 2010 are extremely similar to 2009.  I am reading this consistency as corroborating evidence of our 2009 survey.  Gen Y demonstrates that it is very different from Gen X (a generational shift here comparable which, in my mind, is comparable to the U.S.’s generational shift between Gen X and Baby Boomers).  Internet users in Singapore continue to consume content and observe while showing comparatively little desire to post original content (UGC).  In other words, remaining in the shadows appears to be common behavior.  And as we have seen in other commercial reports, social networking and watching online videos are popular online activities.
  2. Twitter grew 308.5% in 2010 as compared to 2009.  Still, only 47% of netizens are using Twitter each week, so the impressive uptake must be kept in a proper perspective since slightly fewer than 1 out of 2 netizens here are using Twitter.

This year’s survey had 578 valid responses from within Singapore.  Like 2009, this was a convenience sample with university students asking friends and colleagues to participate.  The survey was also openly announced on Facebook and Twitter inviting netizens throughout Singapore to respond. 

Part 2 will look at the top concerns as ranked by respondents.

Below you can toggle between summary displays of the 2009 and 2010 findings. 


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