Stop Malaysia’s Brain Drain by Limiting Young Brains–Now There’s a Thought Reply


Nazri says ending scholarships may stop brain drain – The Malaysian Insider

I have explained countless times, to friends back in the USA, that I remain in Asia because life is better here. Professionally, education budgets are shrinking and I make a better living in Asia (and, this is where the action is). Singapore is an amazing place to raise a family. The standard of living is high, economy strong, schools and medical care superb, and the system is not corrupt. The food is masarap (delicious), we are surrounded by great places to visit when living in the bubble gets a bit boring…and the list goes on.

Perhaps Malaysia needs to think about what it offers returning graduates and get up to speed on the opportunity-front rather than dragging down bright young minds which would benefit from a global education. Returning broadly and better educated talent should offer a better long-term return than would limiting the insights and education….thus making talent less competitive (i.e., unable to leave) relative to global competition.

Just my two cents on what might be a better way to compete for talent.

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