How Do Asia-Pacific’s Netizens Compare on a County-by-Country Basis When It Comes to Tweeting and Blogging? Reply

Sysomos has released two reports examining, on a global basis, which countries produce the most tweets and blog posts.  The following table highlights some of the Asia Pacific data, and after the table you will find some cautionary words about the limits of these reports.


There are a few things we should keep in mind when reading the data.  First, the two reports were released approximately six months apart, so there was a siginificant time differences between data collection efforts.  Second, we are given percentages only and no raw numbers, so there is no way to weight this data by population or total number of netizens in each country.  The fact that India scores well says something since the internet penetration there is so low (emerging market).  Yet, India is the world’s largest democracy so raw numbers may still be high even though Internet penetration is low.  Finally, the reports appear to have been released as a sort of white paper/blog marketing effort in support of Sysomos.  While corporate marketing is in no way an inherently a bad thing, the lack of raw numbers, transparency about research methodology, and more means we should read the data more conservatively.

So with those cautionary words in mind, we now have one more data point to put intot he pot of information slowlt emergign about digital communications across greater Asia-Pacific.  Enjoy!

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