Hootsuite Awarded a Big Hat Tip (from me) for Thinking Like an Internationalist 2

Hootsuite, one of the major tools for Twitter lovers, now has translation built into its iPhone app–Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese (http://blog.hootsuite.com/iphone-languages-instapaper-email/#). While this does give us access to one of the world’s truly leading digital markets, Japan, other Asian countries are not yet included (I remain hopeful). Still, a big hat tip to Hootsuite for thinking like an Internationalist! A rare thing in the 21st century, so much appreciated.

Keep pushing forward. Add a few more languages, develop the tool, and we have but one of several possible solutions for communicating more effectively across greater Asia’s fragmented markets.


  1. Hi Professor, Just chiming in to say that we rolled out Korean and Arabic localization on the iPhone last week and have a few more international-minded treats in store.

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