How Do You Respond to Online Comments (Part 1): / Management – Criticism that spread like a rash Reply


Why do we need to carefully consider our overall strategy and specific tactics for responding to online comments? In this first part of this mini-study, I would like to share an excellent illustration of why all organizations need to intentionally manage their approach to online comments.

Financial Times ran an article discussing mommy bloggers and their sometimes critical response to a new product. As momentum grew and turned against P&G, we can see how proactive monitoring–and wise choice of corporate voice and persona–can be essential when responding online.

In short, your organization needs a clear strategy for managing online comments. Professionalizing your approach represents both a reputational opportunity and risk (just like the Chinese character for crisis, both opportunity and risk). I will look more closely at effective approaches in part 2.

So what advice would you share with P&G, or any company for that matter, that want wants to respond more effectively to online comments? Who sets the benchmark and what are best practices?

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