Facebook: A growing force in the office Reply

By Dickson Li

WHAT’S on your mind?

That is a question some of the more mature staff at OCBC Bank have been asking their younger, Generation Y colleagues – and over Facebook, at that.

Employees at the emerging business group, part of the bank’s enterprise banking department, have been using the social networking site to traverse generations and professional boundaries to become ‘friends’. They set up a members-only Facebook group late last year, dubbed the Emerging Business (EmB) group, for fellow colleagues. To date, the group has close to 150 members.

‘Setting up the EmB Facebook group was a spontaneous effort. Although most of us are always running around meeting customers or engaging in meetings, we are still able to connect with each other via Facebook using our iPhones or smartphones,’ said Ms Wong Chung Yee, vice-president of enterprise banking, corporate banking division at OCBC.

One Gen Y employee, Ms Valerie Ng, manager of enterprise banking at the same division, ‘likes’ the Facebook group for establishing common topics of interest between her and her colleagues. ‘I managed to find fellow Chelsea fans among my colleagues!’ gushed the 29-year-old.

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My recent interview with the Straits Times and comments about Facebook in the office.

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