Inviting You to Participate: 2010 Survey of Singapore Netizens 1

Have the online behaviors of Singapore netizens changed over the last year?

I hope that I can once again count on your participation–and spreading the word about this survey–as I study the behavior of Singapore netizens.  I first conducted this survey last year in support of MINDEF and the Nexus event for national education.  This year we are reaching more broadly, hoping to double our sample size, and reporting a comparative analysis from 2009 to 2010.

To participate, please follow this link (or copy and paste to your browser).  The survey should take on 3-6 minutes and is extremely simple. 

And if you are kind enough to share the survey with your colleagues, I would be eternally grateful.

This is the first of two surveys I am launching over the next thirty days.  Thank you again for all your support of SMU communication research.  Do you have questions?  If so, please email me, Prof. Michael Netzley, at or call my office at 6828 0771 (voicemail available).

Thank you, and I look forward to publicly sharing the results in a few weeks.

One comment

  1. Hey there,Just dropping by to say hi. I just attended a talk by your good self today at mha. Thanks for the enlightening talk! Incidentally, i thought you looked familiar and remembered that i also attended your talk at the mindef/nexus event last year! :)Cheers.

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