Discussing Social Media Measurement with My Students: Getting Down to Basics 2



Let’s cut through the hype and get down to what really matters with measurement.

1. What do you want to know? 

2. What data do you need to best answer question #1?

3. Who do you ask, where are they, and how do you properly craft the questions or data collection?

If you can answer these three questions, then you will be on your way to designing a reasonably useful measurement tool. Your existing surveys, or free tools like Google Analytics, may or may not help you answer these questions.  We are better off answering to the best of our ability than trying to force free data into a mold it was never intended to fit.


  1. Good post! Totally logical, but you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t know what they want to know. The problem with measurement is not measurement itself, but strategy.

  2. Thanks for the input regarding measurement. So if I understand, the problem is that we do not know what data to collect because organizations sometimes employ the channels without clear goals or strategic purposes in mind?

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