Dear Google: Two Ways to Improve Buzz Reply


I am a little surprised that I keep returning to Google Buzz to see what is going on (I saved you the "what's the buzz" cliche…you are welcome).  There must be something of value if keep coming back.  As friend and colleague Jeremy Woolf said, "I've spent more time in Buzz in two days than I had in Wave over two months." 
The two things that would make Buzz more beneficial to me would be: 1) the ability to import Twitter contacts, and 2) the ability to organize by lists (even better, import my Twitter lists). 

Since Buzz is relatively late to the game, so to speak, I should think they need to place greater emphasis on being the best at importing lists and contacts from tools which are currently more popular.  The challenge to keeping me in Buzz is not about building a following from scratch.  I already have very strong networks in Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader.  Instead, Google needs to make importing our existing contacts as easy as A, B, C.  Improved importing is key for me.   

That sure would add even greater convenience to the current ability to check from same screen as email (I did not have to add a destination).  I already like your strong stand behind, now please just give me improved ability to integrate existing networks and we will find harmony in the universe.

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